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Getting Booked- An EPL Podcast

All selections made by Matt & Zach are their own, personal opinions/selections and are not guarantees. They do not condone illegal gambling and discourage unhealthy gambling habits. Anyone making legal wagers should do so at their own risk. If you choose to follow them and are successful, congrats. If you choose to follow them and lose money, then shame on you for following Matt.

Jul 11, 2020

Matt&Zach return for the weekend games with Matt looking to continue his strong run and Zach looking to regain form and salvage the end of the season.  

Jul 4, 2020

Matt&Zach look to the upcoming weekend games looking to build off positive feelings from the midweek. They make their bets on the full slate of games, including player picks and plausible longshots

Jul 1, 2020

Matt&Zach return for the second half of the game week. They look at the upcoming 6 games and make their player picks and bets.

Jun 29, 2020

Matt&Zach return with their first episode after their hiatus and the EPL break. They discuss the state of their picks and the league coming off the layoff and look ahead at the coming 2 days worth of games.

Oct 26, 2019

Matt&Zach return for another full weekend of betting action. Zach hedges some options with Asian Handicaps and Matt goes for a big weekend with some longer shots. They also look to continue their run of successful player picks.